Glasstastic Surface Restoration and Protection products by The Glass Guru are the solution you have been looking for to maintain all of your glass and other hard surfaces.

Since 2004, The Glass Guru has been a leader in the glass restoration industry having grown to over 80 franchised service locations across the US and Canada. Our trained professionals have restored everything from shower doors, to commercial properties, sports arenas and even yachts using our professional restoration products.

You can now purchase the same professional strength products used by our technicians for use in your own home, business or vehicle. Unlike other formulas, Glasstastic Surface Restoration and Protection products are safe, affordable and easy to use. Once you try the Glasstastic Brand of Surface Restoration and Protection products, your hard water stain problems will be a thing of the past!

best hard water stain remover Glasstastic

Glasstastic Hard Water Stain Remover is industrial strength yet safe to use and works fast to help you remove even the toughest stains on glass and other hard surfaces.

It is the perfect solution for windows, shower doors windshields or any glass surface damaged by water stains, soap scum, environmental damage, sprinklers, pool sweeps or other contaminants. It can also be used on tile, porcelain, granite, marble and most non-painted metal surfaces.

The pleasantly scented cream formula clings to vertical surfaces for easy application. Simply apply with a light duty scrub pad or cloth, give it a rub and a rinse. One 32 oz bottle goes a long way. Use Glasstastic Hard Water Stain Remover on your shower doors, windows, windshields, oven glass, bathroom or pool tile, toilets, fixtures, faucets and more!

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Glasstastic Glass Guard is a cutting-edge, long-lasting, invisible non-stick coating for glass. One quick and simple application makes soap scum and grime 90% easier to clean and maintain. The exclusive formula protects glass surfaces from staining or etching caused by from mineral deposits, salt corrosion and other environmental contaminants.

Glasstastic Glass Guard works at the nanoscale level.  Once applied, the product fills the microscopic pores in the glass or other surface and permanently bonds in place leaving a smooth, protective coating that can last indefinitely with proper maintenance and the occasional use our our specially formulated after-care cleaner.

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Glasstastic Renew helps to maintain the original treatment without damaging the Glasstastic Hard Surface Protector coating or polluting the environment. Daily squeegeeing or harsh chemical cleaners are no longer needed. Just spray on and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth and you’re done

The Glasstastic Hard Surface Protection Line was designed to help home, building and auto owners enjoy easier maintenance, better appearance and longer life of their glass and other hard surfaces.

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